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ESE  Neues vom ESE-Team !!!
geschrieben von [BLUT]Spender
29.11.2010 - 13:51
Links: n/a

- Optimierung einiger Funktionen
- neue Detecion
- Crashes beim Mapswitch
- hoffentlich weniger laggs (durch die Optimieung einiger Funktionen)
- code cleanup


+ Gametyp kann nun über Gametab gewechselt werden
- Bug im TOSTPlayerBackup gefixed - Score wird nach reconnect nicht resettet
- Sprunghöhe an TO angepasst
- Beide Teams erhalten Geld wenn gepunktet wird
- Unsichtbare spieler (hoffentlich gefixed)
- Bug das man nicht wieder gespawnt wurde (hoffentlich gefixed)
- internal changes

Download ESECTF_v1100
Download TO350Server with ESECTF

Testserver: <<< CTF - [C]apture [T]he [F]lag >>> [ESE] by

Forum @
IRC QuakeNet #ESE



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#26 von Karen millen 03.02.2012 - 09:17
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A wave of crimson deepened the tan on Torrance's face. Whirling on the group beside him, he struck viciously, and Koppy hurtled over the log and lay as still as his dead companions. Instantly Conrad was on the Pole, running his hands swiftly over the unconscious body. With a satisfied smile he drew a knife from a leather sheath fastened inside the trouser-band, and thrust it into his own belt.

"You did we&nbsp;Karen millen outlet&nbsp;ll to strike&nbsp;Tiffany and co&nbsp; quickly," he muttered to Torrance. "A bullet would be the proper thing, but we've no direct proof; the Police would ask questions. He'll be round in a minute."

Torrance was examining the&nbsp;Prada Borse&nbsp; severed rope.

"Where did you find this, Mavy?"

The halfbreed pointed aloft. "Lower end o' the support the pulley was fastened to. Thar's more."

Torrance was restraining himself for lack of victims on whom to vent his wrath; Werner had retired to &nbsp;karen millen&nbsp;a discreet distance. Koppy was sitting weakly on the log, wondering what had happened. The contractor reached out one big hand and jerked him to his feet.

"Now, you--! I'll give you twenty minutes to round up them cu&nbsp;fendi sito ufficiale&nbsp;sses of yours and get them up in that trestle. The Indian here'll show you what you got to do. And you'll stand right under all the time--and you'll stand there every time we work on the trestle. I'm going to make it worth your skin to stop this thing. And if after to-day I find a rope cut or a bolt missing I'll smash y&nbsp;Borse Chanel&nbsp;ou to pulp. And Big Jim Torrance don't go back on his word. . . . What's more, you and the other dogs won't be paid &nbsp;louis vuitton sito ufficiale&nbsp;for the time it takes to fix things up."

#25 von Karen millen 03.02.2012 - 09:16
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Torrance &nbsp;thomas sabo charms&nbsp;did not follow &nbsp;Scarpe Prada&nbsp;the course of the falling logs. All that mattered at such a moment was the fate of his great work. He saw the quiver run through it--felt&nbsp;Polo Ralph Lauren&nbsp; it in his own body--heard the creaking of ropes and blots, and there flashed through him a &nbsp;Hogan Sito Ufficiale&nbsp;horror that he&nbsp;hogan outlet&nbsp; had not provi&nbsp;Gucci Borse&nbsp;ded &nbsp;Tisa Snapbacks&nbsp;for a strain like that. When the trestle held its place, a great su&nbsp;Goedkope uggs&nbsp;rge of pride and joy swept over him, but his knees were trembling.

When his eyes returned to earth, the bohunks were in flight, almost to a man, though danger was past. Only Conrad, Koppy, and Lefty Werner were straining at the log that held down t&nbsp;scarpe hogan &nbsp;heir crushed comrades. Torrance sprang forward and bent his great bac&nbsp;Collezione Hogan&nbsp;k to the weight. Two fewer bohunks were on construction in Canada.

Some one dropped from the trestle close to Torrance, and a hand thrust itself before the contractor's eyes. In the hand was the end of a rope. Torrance looked from it to the dusky Indian face above it.

"Cut!" jerked the halfbreed. "Thar's more up thar."

Torrance reached out slowly and took the rope, incredulous.

"'Twan't bolted," said the halfbreed. "An' then that."

#24 von office2010 14.01.2012 - 10:21
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#23 von Karen millen 05.01.2012 - 04:01
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"I'm not going till later on: luckily for the convenience of your family," he continued, taking base refuge in sarcasm. As he spoke he felt that she was looking at him, and he

turned his eyes to hers in order not to appear to be avoiding them. Their glances met for a second, and perhaps let them into each other's meanings more deeply than either cared

to go.

"Yes; it IS awfully convenien&nbsp;Karen millen outlet&nbsp;t," May brightly agreed, "that you should be able to meet Ellen after all; you saw how much Mamma appreciated your offering to do it."

#22 von womens AF Sweater 27.12.2011 - 10:27
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#20 von {~} 20.12.2011 - 02:29
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#19 von Borse Louis Vuitton 19.12.2011 - 04:05
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